I bent down to get my keys and then it came to me!!!

This all started a year and a half ago when a good friend was severely injured in a bike crash so we planed a benefit for him i was gonna put some old dave Mann posters on ply wood and auction them off on my way to get plywood I dropped my keys when I picked them up I noticed the cabinet door was about the right size and had cool pattern so I went to the habitat for humanity restore bought 20 old cabinet doors put some posters and Harley runs on them and sold every one we’ll I had one I didn’t take I didn’t like the way it turned out so I gave it to another friend who was into mopars and he said you should just open your own store for guys like you who make cool stuff in there garage so a year and a half later here it’s we built the whole store with salvaged materials not bad for a couple guys who are not carpenters so there’s a little more to it but that’s the basic story if you want to know more your just going to have to come in and ask thanks
^bullhorn owner rebel studios

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